Acne scars are those marks that are left behind after an inflamed acne lesion has healed. The inflammation that occurred in the skin’s follicles have caused enough tissue damage for it to form a scar.

It is emotionally stressful enough for an individual to have to go through acne and it is even worse to be reminded of it by having to bear the scars after the acne has cleared up. Don’t fear when Glo Laser & Beauty is near! We offer an acne scar removal treatment which will be able to reduce the appearance of acne scars with the use of either our Cleopatra Glo by the Alma Beauty Reboost which is a Micro Needling treatment.


Scars are formed if the skin has undergone injury and inflammation has been present in the area, and acne is an inflammation driven skin disorder. Our Cleopatra Glo by the Alma Beauty Reboost treatment uses the combination of ultrasound and micro needling works by reducing the appearance and texture of scar tissue by gradually resurfacing the skin to even out the scar.

This treatment stimulates collagen production in the dermis to plump up the skin and give it a healthier appearance, this treatment also stimulates new skin cell production in the area, leading to an overall healthier and smoother skin appearance.

With micro needling, microscopic channels (holes) are created in the skin, combined with our Lamelle Skin Rejuvenating Serum this treatment stimulates the skin to make its own collagen and reduce the appearance of acne scars.


Optimum Results

3 – 8 Treatments

Safety Regulation

FDA and CE Approved

Treatment Time

75min – 90min

Treatment Comfort

Virtually Pain Free

Back to Daily Routine

Three days after


Face Per Session
Full Face R 1500
Face and Neck R 1650
Face, Neck & Decollete R 1800
Scars (Per 100cm2) R 950

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