Regima Products

Regima has become easily the most innovative, clinically approved skin care programme designed to combat the ageing toxins and free radicals related to contemporary living. All these components are accountable for much of the skin’s visible signs of ageing, for example, a reduction of the skin tone and wrinkles. Without the support of all Regima's technologies, these toxins would certainly cause premature ageing.

Regima products are a distinctive anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation range made for the use of physicians and skincare specialists. Extensive use of the finest, potent all-natural ingredients in Europe, South Africa and other tropical areas, and native wound healing, skin repairing plants, guarantee Regima's standing as a skincare pioneer in the industry. We are not only speaking 'ordinary' cosmetics which might feel fine, smell nice and keep skin hydrated but however are still simply moisturizing outer dead skin. To genuinely rejuvenate one must eliminate that outer layer that shows all signs of ageing, showing a much healthier and more youthful skin. Regima is a cosmeceutical product not only focusing on aesthetics but also skin health. With the popular Regima scar repair and laser azul repair cream, results have been achieved for countless happy clients.

Safely, softly, and naturally Regima helps restore skin's youthful look, improving colour, texture, and tone, smoothing away ageing lines and uneven skin colour, bringing that glow of great, healthy skin, regardless of age. We are also a Regima salon which has been approved to perform Regima chemical peels and facials and provide you with the ability to buy Regima products online.

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