The chemical peel is one of the most honest skincare treatments around. It doesn’t hide behind fancy name. It is what it says: a chemical solution that harnesses your body’s natural processes of renewal, which can largely be summed up as “discard old skin cells to make space for new ones.” In other words it causes the skin to peel so that the new skin can grow in its place.

Lamelle Research Laboratories is a South African biotechnology research company that manufactures products that are innovative and evidenced based.

Lamelle’s extensive success has come through its philosophy and commitment to the principle that all products developed must undergo a rigorous programme of review, research and meticulous production


The idea of peeling away small amounts of skin might sound scary initially, but chemical peels are one of the most common treatments for correcting skin and achieving visible results – especially in winter, when skin needs a bit of a lift – simply because they have proven so very effective in rectifying damage and renewing skin.

Erase imperfections

Remove damaged skin

Improve skin tone and texture

Allow new skin to grow

Chemical Peels are used to treat:




But they are also great for:

Firming and tightening


Resurfacing of skin

Improving complexion

Stimulating healthy new tissue growth

Optimum Results

6 – 8 Treatments

Treatment Comfort

Tingling sensation for a minute or two.

Treatment Time

30min – 45min


Zero Downtime

Back to Daily Routine

Same Day


Lamelle Anti Aging
Lacti-Firm 30/10 R490
Lacti-Firm 90/10 R590
Retistore R950
Retistore Plus R1150
Lamelle Pigmentation
Beta Peel 15%, 2 layers R490
Beta Peel 20%, 2 layers R580
Lamelle Acne Correct
Beta Plus Peel 15% R450
Beta Plus Peel 20% R580
Lamelle Add on
Add on: Growth Factor Mask R120
Add on: Skin Brightening Serum R285
Add on: Skin Rejuvenation Serum R390


Nimue Chemical Peels
Glycolic Peel R750
TCA Peel R810
SRC Peel R750
Thermal Detox Peel R480
Nimue TDS Add on
Add on: Transdermal Solution (TDS Serum) R200


How long does a treatment take ?

The peel itself is usually no longer than five minutes. But there is usually prepping and care involved, so bank on at least 15 minutes.

What does it feel like ?

It depends on the product used. Alpha and Beta peels cause only some tingling. Any discomfort subsides after a minute or two, though.

What about after the treatment ?

On average, with Alpha and Beta peels, your skin will look youthful and glowing. It may be a little red, but that will subside very quickly.

How long do the results last ?

With proper home care, months or even years.

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