Blackheads & Whiteheads

What is it?

Comedones are a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells that clog your pores. Blackheads are caused by overproduction of sebum in your pores which get trapped and gets into contact with air, which causes it to oxidize, giving it its black appearance at the surface. Whiteheads are closed comedones which are caused when sebum builds up just below the surface of the skin, it is covered by a layer of skin, preventing it from coming to the surface and being excreted, giving it a bumpy appearance.

Comedones and blackheads are normally caused by over exfoliating. When you over exfoliate your skin, your skin will become dry, and in order for it to compensate the dryness, it will overproduce sebum, which will in return clog your pores. The lack of exfoliation can also cause this condition, by not exfoliating enough, sebum will accumulate with dead skin cells in the pores causing blackheads.

In most cases this will happen when a person has an oily skin, which tends to over produce sebum, the skin type tends to be more present in adolescents, and even older women with hormonal imbalances, in both cases it is due to the androgen hormone which stimulates over activity of the sebum glands.


In-store Treatments


Lamelle Beta Plus Chemical Peel – This chemical peel will assist you in getting rid of excess dead skin cells and dissolve the sebum inside the pores which leaves your skin comedones free.

Nimue Therapeutic Facial – This is a deep cleanse facial recommended to do monthly which will assist with gently removing comedones in the skin, a specialized mask will also help to assist in controlling a problematic skin. With an award-winning enzyme exfoliator that consists of fruit acids that will break down the intercellular molecule (glue) that keeps the dead skin cells on your skin. By dissolving them no adverse action was taken to remove dead skin cells and appropriate mask that will suit your skin.

Lamelle Essential Purifying Facial – This deep cleansing facial will assist with removing those comedones under your skin. A purifying mask will be applied during the treatment which cleanses any impurities that might exist under your skin.

FormaTk IPL Acne Treatment – This treatment gives acne skin a clearer complexion, kills dermal bacteria which is present below or on top of the skin. This is a fast and effective treatment with no down time. The number of treatments required varies from person to person and the severity of the comedones condition.


Home Care Products


Clarity Active Cleanse – This cleanser contains a combination of botanical extracts and hydrating ingredients that calm and soothe irritated skin while guaranteeing enough hydration to avoid skin barrier impairment seen with numerous acne cleansers.

Exfoliating Enzyme – This exfoliator is granule-free which allows for healthier skin as it gently lifts off comedones and promotes cell renewal without leaving your skin with little cuts like granule-based exfoliators do.

Purifier Night Cream – This is a great moisturizer which contains Retinol, a form of Vitamin A, which is an excellent skin regulator, which helps to regulate the production of sebum, speeds up skin cell turnover and healing and controls infection inside the oil glands from spreading.

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