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Facial contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure with our innovative Radio Frequency technology from Alma Lasers.

Immediate results!

Fast and effective treatments!

Safe on all skin types.

No hidden costs, affordable package plans that can be shared with friends and family!


This treatment will benefit you if you want to reduce unwanted facial fat on all areas of your face, even stubborn areas like “Jowls.” Increase your confidence by letting us help you reach your desired goal.

Alma Beauty REFORM™ offers innovative technologies to successfully meet the challenges of age-related facial skin imperfections, including wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone and laxity. For the body, REFORM provides solutions for body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite. All treatments are safe, effective and suitable for all skin types (I-VI) as well as for thin and delicate areas.




Safety Regulation

FDA and CE Approved

Treatment Time

30min – 90min

Treatment Comfort

Warm Sensation

Back to Daily Routine

Same Day


Zero Downtime


Face Per Session
Eyes R300
Neck R800
Face R1100
Face & Neck R1700
Face, Neck & Decollete R2300


Does it hurt?

No it does not hurt, you will only feel a warm sensation on the surface of your skin.

Is it effective?

It is extremely effective and has also received FDA clearance.

What technology do we use?

All our laser / RF equipment is from “Alma Lasers.” We use Alma Beauty Reform (RF) for Body / Facial contouring.

Is the treatment safe ?

It is extremely safe and has also received FDA clearance.

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