Hair Removal

There are many forms of hair removal available and finding the best method for your skin and wallet may be a bit of a daunting task.

People want a method which will not only give them the best results but would be best for the future as well.

Here are some of the methods available and reasons to help you make the prefect choice


This is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes hair from the root, it works as an exfoliating treatment, waxing can be slightly painful for some and if not done correctly may damage the hair follicle.

Hair growth from waxing would only be seen after 4-5 weeks in the area treated, however there are some negative effects to long term waxing such as skin losing its elasticity, redness and itching after the treatment.


This is a convenient and short term cost effective method of hair removal as you can do it yourself and at your own pace, it is however a short term solution as hair growth will start to show within a couple of days. There are some negative aspects to shaving such as cutting yourself, ingrown hairs, folliculitis, irritated, inflamed skin and not to mention the time and effort it takes up.

3.Depilatory Creams  

Depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair on the surface of the skin, because the root of the hair does not get damaged, hair growth will be rapid.

This is a quick and convenient method and can be done at home.

There are some cons of using depilatory creams such as they may have a bad odour, because they contain chemicals that could damage your skin and cause irritations.

4.Laser Hair Removal

When you mention laser hair removal to someone they would automatically think about how painful and expensive it is, but when you actually consider it, the expense is just a short term one compared to other treatments and lets you save thousands of rands in the future.

Not all lasers are painful, you just need to find the right one, we at Glo Laser and Beauty use a pain free laser called the Soprano Ice, this is the first laser in the country to work on all skin types and is virtually pain free.

Coming in for your laser treatments will no longer be an unpleasant experience, welcome to a pain free hair free future.

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