FormaTK’s Acne Treatment will take care of all those toppings in just a few treatments! When skin cells aren’t shed properly, acne develops as the cells stick together and clog up the pores. This blockage encourages oil and a bacteria to build up in the skin pores which leads to inflammation and infection. Some acne cannot be treated by facials and chemical peels and need a more advanced treatment, such as the FormaTK Acne Treatment we offer at Glo Laser & Beauty.

Immediate results!

Fast and effective treatments!

Safe on all skin types

No hidden costs, affordable package plans that can be shared with friends and family!


At Glo Laser & Beauty, our therapists make use of the Formatk’s unique F-SR applicator which provides a wide Spectrum of wavelengths (530nm – 1200nm), and since fungus has different colours, each colour of fungus is destroyed by a different colour of light or wavelength.

Forma One for All

Optimum Results

2 – 6 Treatments

Safety Regulation

FDA and CE Approved

Treatment Time

50min – 60min

Treatment Comfort

Virtually pain free

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Zero Downtime


Per Nail R110
10 Nails R900


Does it hurt ?

No. At most one will feel heat build-up in the area being treated.

Does it damage my skin?

No. The FormaTK system that we make use of is non-ablative, which means that the laser works from the outer dermis, inwards without destroying or disrupting the form of the outer skin layer. The only visual change to be observed during the treatment might be some redness on the skin which is a consequence of the heat induction.

How many treatments do i need ?

It is recommended to have 6-10 treatments. But this varies between individuals as everyone has different results they want to achieve.

What is the downtime?

There is little downtime. A slight redness for more or less an hour to the treated area might occur, as this is a heat-induced treatment.

What are the after-care procedures?

It is recommended to apply sunscreen regularly as the skin on the treated area will be fragile after the treatment.

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