Puffy Eyes is a common condition that affects many people. The swelling seen under and around the eyes is excess fluid known as edema. It is more prominent to see dark circles, puffiness and swelling around the eyes due to the fact that the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive.

After a long day at work or a night on the town, the next morning you will see dark circles, puffy eyes, and swelling. If you think about it during the day your eyes blink repeatedly, therefore good circulation is found around the eye area, but when you sleep your eyes are not blinking at all, so all that water that needs to be drained from the eye area is left there leading to the appearance of puffy skin around the eyes.

Puffy eyes can occur for many reasons such as genetics, allergies, stress, illness, eye fatigue, crying, ageing, poor skin texture around the eyes and poor circulation around the eye area.




Nimue Therapeutic Facial – that will give you your well-deserved treatment and relaxation needed with an added on cooling Eye Treatment to help assist with puffiness and swelling around the eyes.

Nimue Therapeutic Facial – this is a deep cleanse facial recommended to do on a monthly basis which will assist with gently removing impurities in the skin, a specialized mask will also help to assist in controlling a problematic skin. With an amazing award winning enzyme exfoliator that consists of fruit acids that will break down the intercellular molecule (Glue) that keeps the dead skin cells on your skin. By dissolving them no adverse action was taken to remove dead skin cells and appropriate mask that will suit your skin.




Eye Serum – that will improve puffiness, bags, wrinkles as well as dark circles around the eyes, it can be used as a day and night serum around your eyes.

Vitamin C Moisture Mist – can only be used in the morning to help with hydration, protection, refreshing and as an antioxidant to help reduce puffiness around your eyes and as an added bonus it brightens your skin from dull to healthy as well as waking you up with a refreshing smell.

Little Eskimo Rejuvenating Eye Mask – this mask improves blood circulation and soothes any irritations that can be caused by allergies, hay fever or medication.

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