Are you tired of wrapping up a gym workout or eating healthy wraps and not seeing any results? The answer is the BioMinceur Slimming Wrap. This is a wrap that promises to dramatically decrease the appearance of fat deposits and cellulite by 67% in less than 4 weeks.

Glo Laser & Beauty is a proud stockist of BioMinceur Slimming Wraps, one of the strongest professional products available today. This product is full of essential oils, algae and plant extracts and caffeine which results in a wide range of additional therapeutic benefits. These benefits include improving the appearance of stretch marks and varicose veins and is proven to have an impact on connective tissue and collagen structure to name a few.


There are three different products (the Biominceur) that is rubbed all over your body, we then wrap you in some biofilm and let you lay on the bed for more or less 15 minutes on your back as well as your front. During this treatment, you will experience a lot of sweating and this is most likely the water your body has retained over time. The last step is to get rubbed down with a freeze gel which will leave your skin feeling smooth and tight.

The Biominceur product stays in your body for 24 hours, which allows you to come for a treatment every second day. It is suggested to have 6-10 treatments, one every second day in order to achieve optimal results.


6-10 treatments over 4 weeks

Safety Regulation

Not suitable for pregnant & breastfeeding clients

Treatment Time

60 minutes

Treatment Comfort

No discomfort

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Zero Downtime


Area Size 34 Size 36 Size 38 Size 40 Size 42
Stomach R495 R550 R600 R695 R730
Buttocks R250 R280 R320 R360 R400
Legs R495 R550 R600 R650 R730
Arms R380 R420 R450 R475 R500
Double Chin R290 R290 R290 R290 R290
Breasts R450 R480 R500 R520 R550


How does it work ?

Our slimming wraps contain a unique formula which combines a multitude of plant extracts, pure essential oils, algae extracts, and a high concentration of caffeine & thermo agents both hot and cold.  The ingredients have been scientifically proven to act on cellulite & fat.

Will I get wrapped up like a mummy ?

Nope, no ancient creepy bandage wrapping here.The gel/cream products are applied to the targeted areas which are then loosely covered in biofilm to ensure the enhanced penetration of the products into the skin. There is no use of compression or manipulation of the tissues using this wrap.

How many treatments do I need ?

This is entirely dependent on how much cellulite and fat is present but as a rule of thumb it is recommended to have between 6-10 treatments over 4 weeks for maximum impact, then to have a salon treatment monthly to maintain results or continue use of homecare products. The more you want to slim the more you use BIOMINCEUR.

What results can I expect ?

Reduction in fat, reduction in cellulite, reduction of 1-4 cm per measured area in a single treatment, reduction in appetite and enhanced weight loss. It continues to burn calories for 2 hours following treatment, slimming, firming and toning effect continues for 12 hours following treatment, the appearance of spider veins, stretch marks and varicose veins will be improved.

Is it safe for everyone ?

No, this treatment is unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding clients and if you are menstruating this treatment can increase abdominal cramps.Other than that, it’s completely safe for everyone else. Also, if you have a very sensitive skin we recommend having a patch test 24 hours prior to your treatment due to the high levels of essential oils.

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