Stretch marks are a form of scarring that appears on the skin as lines and can have a red colour to a dark purple colour and in some cases can even have a grey- white colour.

Stretch marks are caused when the dermis of the skin stretches over time, causing tears in the connective tissue of the skin. They are not painful but may be itchy.

They can develop in both women and men but are common in woman. Pregnancy is one of the main causes of stretch marks but not the only cause. Being overweight, using corticosteroid medication or creams, family history of stretch marks and rapid weight gain or weight loss can all cause stretch marks to develop. Stretch marks can develop anywhere on the body but are more common on buttocks (gluteus), arms, thighs, waist and even breasts.

Although stretch marks are sometimes preventable, when they have developed they can make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, but do not despair because we at Glo Laser and Beauty have the best treatments to help get rid of those stretch marks.




The Cleopatra Glo – this is a complete facial rejuvenation micro needling treatment done by The Alma Beauty Reboost. This treatment is for people who have stretch marks which need more intense treatments to help resurface the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production to give the skin a healthier and smoother appearance. This treatment uses a combination of a pixel pen, micro needling as well as ultrasound to get the best penetration of active ingredients.

Lamelle Dermaroller – This is a micro needling treatment stimulates the skin’s collagen and elastin production by applying the small needles attached to the dermaroller to the skin. This treatment works great when Lamelle’s Skin Rejuvenating Serum and Growth factor mask is added as it will assist in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, improving the skin’s texture and assist in collagen production.




Lamelle Correctives RA Cream – this product is indicated for the preparation of restoring and remodelling photo-damaged and naturally aged skin as a nightly application. This product will ‘Clean Out’ the damage to make way for the powerful re-building of Dermaheal skin growth factors. This product gets the skin ‘prepared’ to be fixed and back in shape and give you that Glo you have been wanting.

Elastoderma oil from Lilian Terry – this product will help to improve your skin’s elasticity and help to repair damaged skin.

Every Person Deserves A Glo Experience.

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